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Workplace accidents could carry dire health repercussions

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Worker's Compensation

While it is no secret that certain fields of profession are inherently more hazardous than others, some safety risks can appear in virtually any workplace environment. Even if you take a proactive approach to workplace safety, preventing all incidents from occurring could prove nearly impossible at times.

Workplace accidents can occur under a variety of scenarios, and sometimes, the things that might pose a threat to your safety could be difficult to detect. Knowing a few of the most prevalent causes of work-related injuries could help you better prepare to reduce the chances the unthinkable may occur.

The types

Addressing the types of safety hazards that may exist in nearly all Pennsylvania work environments may be integral to reducing the risks of dangerous workplace incidents, such as:

  • Falling objects: Falling objects continue to play a role in many workplace accidents. Even an object that falls from a lesser distance could pose a significant threat to your health.
  • Fall-related incidents: Slip-and-fall accident risks may exist in virtually any work environment. Some examples of injuries you could suffer in a fall may range anywhere from broken bones to a traumatic brain injury.
  • Overexertion and repetition: Job-related tasks that require you to perform the same tasks over and over or to constantly lift and carry heavy objects may put you at significant risk of suffering overexertion or repetitive stress injuries.
  • Exposure to hazards: Exposure to hazardous chemicals, inadequate air quality and constant loud noises are just a few examples of safety risks that might be present in a multitude of work environments.
  • Workplace violence: Studies also highlight the risks of workplace violence. Incidents of this nature may also place your safety and health in jeopardy.

A workplace accident could take a devastating toll on various aspects of your life. Along with any physical pain and suffering you might experience, the financial ramifications may also be difficult to accept.

After an accident

Regardless of how it happens, a work-related incident could leave you with serious injuries and a long road to recovery. With extensive medical bills and a loss of wages during recovery, the monetary trials of your situation could place you under significant financial strain. Following the accident, it might be in your best interest to seek insight in preparing to pursue some much-needed aid through the workers’ compensation insurance system, along with any other outlet that may be applicable in your situation.

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