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Lawsuit filed after shopper falls and suffers injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Personal Injury

Property and business owners in the state of Pennsylvania are expected to keep their premises reasonably safe and secure. Customers should not have to fear for their safety as they peruse stores or go out to dinner. Sometimes, however, workers may neglect to clean floors or maintain the property, which can result in dangerous conditions capable of causing personal injury to customers.

Details of slip-and-fall claim

Recently in another state, a woman filed a lawsuit against Walmart after she said she fell while shopping in the store. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff visited the store to pick up a few items and, while shopping in the dairy department, encountered yogurt that had spilled on the floor. Allegedly, the woman stepped in the yogurt which caused her to slip and fall.

The woman claimed to have suffered serious injuries due to the alleged fall. She alleged that she injured her right arm, back, right knee, neck, chest and shoulders. The plaintiff asserts that her injuries also kept her out of work, which resulted in a loss of income. She seeks to hold the Walmart store responsible over claims that they were negligent and failed to keep the store safe for customers.

Where to go for help

In Pennsylvania, there are premises liability laws that hold property and store owners responsible for the safety of their customers. When a person suffers injuries due to hazardous conditions on a property, he or she has the right to contact an experienced attorney and take legal action. A premises liability claim, if successful, could result in monetary damages to help victims pay medical expenses and recover lost wages.

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