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Recent fatal accident shows the dangers of tractor-trailers

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is likely that most Pennsylvania drivers pass by tractor-trailers on their daily commutes. These massive trucks are vital to maintaining supply chains and keeping shelves stocked. However, anyone who has driven near one of these behemoths knows how intimidating their size can be. It is also their size that makes these trucks so dangerous when they are involved in accidents with passenger vehicles. 

Deadly interstate wreck 

Recently in Franklin Township, an accident involving a tractor-trailer and five other vehicles killed one person and injured several others. The crash happened during the afternoon along Interstate 476. According to accident reports, a southbound tractor-trailer left the roadway and jackknifed across both southbound lanes. Reports said the front of the cab busted through the concrete barrier in the median and ended up in the northbound lanes. 

Authorities said a northbound sedan struck the tractor-trailer’s cab, tragically killing the sedan driver. The passenger in the sedan was injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Another sedan also struck the cab, and both the driver and passenger were injured and taken to a hospital, police said. Reportedly, the tractor-trailer driver suffered only minor injuries in the accident.  

Victims and families have options 

Due to their size, tractor-trailers are more difficult to maneuver and stop. This is a factor in many motor vehicle accidents caused by tractor-trailers. Those in Pennsylvania who have suffered injuries or the tragic loss of a dear loved one due to negligence in any type of motor vehicle accident reserve the right to speak with an attorney and seek damages through a lawsuit.  

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