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Woman sues property owners after suffering injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Personal Injury

Pennsylvania residents should feel safe when visiting public property and establishments. Those who own property and businesses in Pennsylvania have a legal responsibility to keep their premises free of potential hazards that could cause injury to visitors. When they fail to repair damaged property, remove dangerous conditions or warn visitors of existing hazards, property owners can be held financially responsible for any personal injuries that occur. 

Premises liability claim details 

Recently in another state, a woman filed a lawsuit against property owners after she was allegedly injured due to negligence. The woman was renting a home from the defendants and, according to the lawsuit, encountered uneven pavement in a poorly lit area as she was walking her dog. Allegedly, the uneven pavement caused the woman to trip and fall. 

The woman claimed she suffered severe injuries due to the fall, which included a broken left arm. She seeks to hold the property owners responsible for neglecting to keep the area properly lit and failing to keep the property in good repair to prevent tenants from being injured. The plaintiff seeks compensatory damages for past and future medical expenses. 

There is help available for victims 

In the state of Pennsylvania, premises liability laws exist to keep customers and visitors of public property safe. Those who have suffered injuries as the result of the negligence of property or business owners have the right to speak with an experienced attorney and file a premises liability claim in civil court. A successful lawsuit could supply victims with much-needed compensation to help with medical expenses and lost wages. 

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