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Overnight collision claims the life of van driver

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In recent years, there have been staggering advancements in technology. Vehicle manufacturers use advanced technology like backup cameras, blind-spot monitoring, lane assist and other features to make their automobiles safer for motorists. Despite these technological advancements, however, car accidents still happen at an alarming rate across the state of Pennsylvania.

Details of deadly accident

Recently in Chanceford Township, a driver was killed in an unfortunate and unpredictable crash. The accident happened during the overnight hours near the 2000 block of Delta Road. According to reports from the Pennsylvania State Police, a cargo van was headed south on Delta Road when a milk truck pulled out of an adjacent driveway and onto the roadway in front of the van.

Reports said the van crashed into the milk truck. Police noted that the driver of the van did not slow down or brake, which indicated that he may not have seen the milk truck. Tragically, the van driver died due to blunt force trauma suffered in the collision, authorities said.

Where can victims and families get help?

Those who are involved in car accidents sometimes must deal with expensive medical bills as well as lost wages. In the aftermath of fatal accidents like the one mentioned above, surviving family members are often left to deal with pain and suffering. Those in Pennsylvania who are hurt or suffer the loss of a dear loved one in an accident caused by negligence have a right to seek compensation. An experienced lawyer can help victims and families receive the damages they deserve.

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