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How can cyclists stay safe during the summer months?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Personal Injury

As the summer months approach, you may be one of the many people looking forward to a time to be outdoors more often, perhaps on your bicycle. If you enjoy cycling as a form of exercise, a way to commute or simply as a way to get fresh air, it is important for you to know how to stay safe and avoid accidents. You will be sharing the road with many motorists during this busy time of year, and it is critical to know how to stay as safe as reasonably possible.  

Unfortunately, motorists don’t always safely share the road with cyclists. They may be unaware of how to appropriately and safely share space with a bike, or they may not allow enough room for bikers. While you cannot control the actions of others, you can protect yourself by implementing safety tips while you are riding your bike during the summer months.  

Tips for safe cycling 

Accident statistics suggest that approximately 800 cyclists die each year — many in accidents that are preventable and avoidable. Before you head out on your bike this summer, you may find that the following tips will both keep you safe and help you have a more enjoyable experience while on the road. With increased traffic during the summer, more daylight hours to enjoy the outdoors and higher temperatures, these tips will be especially helpful: 

  • Know the rules of the road for cyclists, stay in bike lanes as much as possible, and pay attention to what is going on around you. 
  • Wear a helmet, even if you are not going to be on the main roads and cycling on busy streets. 
  • Make sure to bring your phone with you in case of emergency, as well as first aid kit and water. 
  • Wear protective gear, and make sure that your bicycle has reflective lighting and bells on it. 

Even if you are the most cautious cyclist on the road, you cannot predict what other motorists will do. There are times when the reckless or negligent actions of a motorist place a cyclist in harm’s way. If you were hurt in a bicycle accident caused by a negligent motorist, there are legal options available to you that will allow you to hold the liable parties accountable for their actions. A civil claim allows you to seek justice and appropriate compensation for your losses and other damages. 

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