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What Is Personal Injury?

Have you been injured because someone else was not paying attention or was negligent?

Are you unsure if you qualify for a personal injury suit? Some examples of a personal injury include:

Personal injury laws are in place to help people with expenses from an injury caused by someone else. For many people, a personal injury claim is the only way for them to survive after being hurt.

How Your Claim Can Help You After A Major Injury

Many accidents, such as car accidents and slip-and-fall accidents, drastically change people’s lives. After an injury, you may find yourself unable to move or walk, chronically in pain or incapable of working and providing for yourself and your family.

While we all want to imagine that we cannot be hurt, major injuries happen. When they do, our attorneys are there. We can leverage insurance negotiations and help you obtain a settlement. Our lawyers understand insurance negotiations. We can help you take a full inventory of your injuries and account for your lost wages and lifestyle changes.

With The Waffenschmidt Law Firm, LLC, you can feel safe in knowing that your health and future are in good hands. We will use our more than 32 years of experience practicing law in Pennsylvania to maximize your settlement. And with us, you know you will always get a legal team that pays attention to your personal needs.

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