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Frequently Asked Personal Injury Questions

For many people, a personal injury claim is one of the very few times they will interact with the legal system. It makes sense that you have questions. We have answers. The lawyers at The Waffenschmidt Law Firm, LLC, focus on personal injury law and have more than 32 years of experience helping Pennsylvania families with personal injury needs.

If you are seeking help with a personal injury suit, call our Williamsport office. Dial 570-505-5561 for a free consultation, or send us an email.

Our attorneys want to start you off on the right foot, so we have compiled a list of personal injury FAQ for your reference. For more specifics, please call our office to set up your initial consultation.

What Kinds Of Injuries Qualify For A Personal Injury Suit?

Many types of injuries qualify for personal injury cases. If you are in pain or injured because someone else did not pay attention or take care of a known issue, you may be eligible. Examples of ways people may be injured include car accidents, unmaintained property, dog bites and falls.

What Types Of Compensation Am I Able To Get?

Compensation takes many forms and your eligibility will depend on the circumstances of your injury. Depending on your injury, you may be able to get compensation for medical costs, lost wages, property damage and other maintenance costs.

How Much Does An Attorney Cost?

At The Waffenschmidt Law Firm, LLC, our fees are what are commonly called contingency fees. Instead of charging expensive hourly fees, we deduct our fee from your settlement. This means, we do not get paid unless you recover.

Should I Go See A Doctor?

Yes. If you are in a medical emergency, please go see a doctor immediately. It is always preferable to start taking care of your medical needs sooner rather than later. If you have not yet seen a doctor, you can schedule an appointment with your doctor and our attorneys can advise you on questions to ask during your appointment.

What Do I Do If I Have Been Offered A Settlement?

Have an attorney review your offer. Many insurance companies offer settlements early, often before you have had a full medical evaluation. Their offer may not fully account for your needs.