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A dog bite could pose a significant threat to your health

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Personal Injury

While it might be easy to assume that most dogs are friendly and sociable by nature, this might not always be the case in every situation. Some dogs may be more prone to aggressive behaviors, but any dog may have the potential to lash out and bite you if they feel threatened or are not accustomed to your presence. 

Avoiding interactions with unfamiliar dogs could help reduce your risk of suffering a bite, but what happens if others fail to take steps to keep their pets confined to their properties? Dog bite injuries can take on various forms, some of which could carry severe health repercussions that could pose a threat to your well-being. 

Types of dog bite injuries 

There are various types of injuries you might suffer in a dog bite, some of which may be minor while others could prove severe in nature. Some common examples of these injuries may include: 

  • Cuts and lacerations: Cuts and lacerations remain a common concern with dog bites, and sometimes puncture wounds could prove deep by nature and may lead to excessive blood loss. 
  • Tissues and joints: Dog bites that cut deep into the skin may also run the risk of causing damage to tissues and joints, and similar injuries could lead to long-term or permanent health issues. 
  • Risk of infections: Infections are also a prevalent issue with similar incidents. As some types of infections can spread rapidly through your body, seeking swift medical care after a dog bite may prove essential to protecting your well-being. 
  • Face and eyes: Dog bites to the face or eyes may run the risk of causing severe damage and leaving you with permanent scars, or even causing you to suffer vision loss or lose an eye. 

Suffering injuries during a dog attack in a Pennsylvania neighborhood can be a harrowing experience, and the outcome thereof could be even more difficult to accept if it stems from the negligent actions of the dog’s owner. 

What next? 

A dog bite incident can occur at virtually any moment, and the fallout of the situation could leave you with serious or even permanent injuries. Along with understanding the possible hazards involved, it could also be helpful to seek insight on the next steps to take after a similar incident occurs. Knowing your options and rights may prove integral to helping you prepare to protect your future interests by seeking the full amount of restitution you deserve through the appropriate channels. 

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